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AZ Lokeren opts for Prodata Systems and Awingu for their remote working solution

AZ Lokeren (Lokeren General Hospital) was looking for a simple, cost-effective and highly secure solution to let their doctors, medical and administrative staff work remotely. ‘When we heard what they were looking for,’ says Joeri Tranchet (Prodata Systems), ‘it immediately became clear to us: Awingu is the perfect solution for this scenario!’

‘I think every hospital faces the same challenges as we do, and Awingu has proven to be very simple to use and manage tool to tackle the question of remote working at the AZ,’ says Annelore Van Eeghem, IT Manager. ‘Furthermore,’ says Denis Roels (Data Protection Officer), ‘working with Awingu was a major improvement when it came to data security’.


  • Remote access: with Awingu, the hospital can give access to all of its doctors from any device. Also medical and administrative staff that works from home can ‘work as if they’re at the office’, says Wim Van Campenhout (staff member).
  • Simple: Awingu was installed in a short amount of time and is very easy to manage and use.
  • Secure: DPO Denis Roels points out that by installing Awingu, the hospital has made major improvements in terms of IT security: they use the built-in two-factor authentication, combat shadow IT with secure file sharing and make use of the extended auditing capabilities.
  • Cost-efficient: ‘Awingu is just a layer on top of our existing environment,’ says Annelore Van Eeghem (IT Manager). Leverage your current infrastructure without making additional costs in a sector that has airtight budgetting schedules.

'We can now allow our doctors, medical and administrative staff to work from anywhere (including from home) in a highly secure and easy to use way'

'With Awingu, I was able to work at home as if I was at my office at the hospital'

'Awingu is just a layer on top of our existing environment and was very quickly set up. Overall, it is very easy to use and manage'

'By implementing Awingu, we have made some huge advancements when it comes to IT security'


AZ Lokeren





Introduce a simple, cost-effective and highly secure solution to let their doctors, medical and administrative staff work remotely. 


Awingu offers a software to simplify enterprise mobility and liberate legacy applications.
Their software aggregates all company files and applications to one secure online workspace that can be accessed from any device or OS using any HTML5-based browser.


  • Remote access
  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Cost efficient


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