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Access to data is essential for doctors and hospital staff to give their patients optimal care. However, new technological developments are putting increasing pressure on infrastructure-performance. Prodata Systems believes that together with Huawei, we can offer optimal solutions for healthcare organizations, regardless of your size and your specific requirements. 

Therefore we organized an exclusive roundtable on March 24th, you can watch the video below. During this discussion, experts of Prodata Systems and Huawei present their solution approach and explain how your organization can benefit from it.

We were joined by speaker from Saint Luc University Hospital, which recently went live their new mission-critical EHR-application ‘EPIC’. Learn about their challenges and discover how Prodata and Huawei have provided a solution that meets their expectations.

Keynotes by our speakers - 42 minutes

  • Marc De Buijser (Prodata Systems – account manager)
  • Olivier Moermans (Huawei – account manager)
  • Olivier Jeuniau (Saint Luc hospital – head of IT infrastructure)
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