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Data Storage Solutions

Harnessing data growth and unlocking its potential is vital to digital transformation. Data generation and management - from the edge, to the core, and in the cloud - should transcend storage and infrastructure complexities. Our vendors see what’s next for data and they’re bringing unparalleled intelligence to storage to unlock its potential. In this intelligent storage era, your storage needs to be able to self-optimize and self-heal, while securing and protecting your data. Intelligent storage aligns costs with your usage and enables positive business impact.

Intelligent storage is:
•    Predictive: learns, predicts, and recommends actions across your infrastructure, helping you deliver on SLAs and mitigate threats
•    Built for cloud: Optimize your cloud investment through seamless data mobility, native cloud integration and secure cloud backup & DR
•    Timeless: A storage experience that keeps getting better, delivering cloud economics for your on-premises infrastructure so you get agility and pay-per-use pricing that aligns and grows with your business

Prodata Systems' broad experience in installing, configuring, managing and maintaining storage infrastructures allows us to help customers reduce risk and reduce cost , as well as deliver improved services. We understand how critical it is that your company’s information is protected and available at all time.


Saint-Luc University Hospital finds cure for explosive growth in data based on Huawei's OceanStor platform

With volumes of medical data growing exponentially every year, Brussels-based Saint-Luc University hospital needed to find a storage solution that would stop this becoming a major threat for patient care.


With a capacity of about 1,000 beds, Saint-Luc University hospital in Brussels is one of the top three in Belgium. It employs 5,400 personnel although the number of people on-site on any one day rises nearer to 10,000 when students, patients and visiting families are included. It was opened in 1976 and has been responsible for ground-breaking medical research in fields such as living donor liver transplant.

As with any modern acute hospital, Saint-Luc’s IT system is critical to its day-to-day operation. Open all day, every day, it is reliant on more than 1,500 software applications (400 of which are directly related to patient care) to support its clinical teams in coping with about 75,000 emergency admissions every year.

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