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Application Performance

In today’s competitive corporate environment, the need for transparency, higher level of performance and security, and better manageability are required to ensure a proper business continuity.

The IT systems have never been as sophisticated and complex as today. In a short span, the number of applications has dramatically increased, combined with the widespread adoption of virtualisation technologies.
While system architectures are being simplified by consolidating the infrastructure, troubleshooting performance issues becomes more and more complex.

Moreover, tackling complex problems requires not only time, often distributed among different IT teams, but also specific tools and methodology that are adapted to the circumstances.

The independent expert’s eye is then an evident added value! Today’s IT environments are becoming increasingly complex due to the more sophisticated applications and the adoption of new technologies like virtualization, and this not only on systems but also on a network level.
When performance issues occur, the first suspect is always the network itself although lots of these issues are often caused by system components. A typical example is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) where a lot of issues are due to bad storage infrastructure design.

The Prodata Systems “Application Performance Audit” service:

  • Identifies the data flows and the user’s cartography
  • Highlights possible configuration errors
  • Pinpoints the cause(s) of performance issue(s) on network/server/application
  • Formulates the appropriate recommendations/actions plan
Application Performance

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