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Threat Analysis

Threat Analysis: Beyond the Sandbox

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and targeted attacks are now so sophisticated that they cannot be addressed effectively by traditional security products. Signature-based malware detection is no longer sufficient.

Antivirus and Intrusion Prevention Services are still a necessary part of any company’s defense but they need to be supplemented with new advanced detection capabilities:

  • Custom sandbox analysis – using virtual environments that precisely match your system configurations to analyze suspected files and Web content
  • Next generation “Zero Day” attack detection and protection with both CPU-level and OS-level sandboxing
  • The ability to go beyond the sandbox – to detect different forms of advanced evasions, across virtually all network traffic—beyond standard HTTP and SMTP
  • Visibility – so that your network operations staff and IT crew get clear alerts of all detected malware and explanations of why each file is considered malicious
  • Proactively action – blocking bad files
  • Destination analysis – (URL, IP, domain, email, IRC channel, etc.) via dynamic blacklisting, white listing
  • Extended event correlation and anomaly detection techniques

Prodata Systems offers threat analysis solutions with specialized detection engines and custom sandboxing to isolate and test suspicious code, to detect targeted attacks, custom malware, command-and-control (C&C) communications and suspicious, evasive attacker activity which traditional standard security tools could miss.

Threat Analysis

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