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Wireless Site Survey

WLAN site surveys are essential in order to guaranty performance and stability of a wireless network infrastructure.  Only the right tools in the hands of an experienced specialist can ensure the quality of such a survey.

Thanks to its experience, Prodata Systems developed methodologies that best fit the needs of its customers.
Depending of the used case different approaches may be considered:

1. Virtual WLAN Survey: Based on the architectural lay-out of the buildings, we use ‘AirMagnet Survey Pro’ to conduct a virtual site survey and pinpoint the optimal placement for your Wi-Fi access points.

2. Mixed WLAN Survey: This type of survey combines the Virtual Site Survey with an accuracy check on site.

3. Physical WLAN survey: all coverage zones are physically tested, WiFi interference and EM perturbation sources are identified and physical constrains are taken into account from the start.

Based on the result of the WLAN survey that best fits your needs and with Prodata Systems’ expertise at your fingertips you can compile your WLAN kit list within a predicable budget.

Wireless Site Survey

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