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Vulnerability Audit

The corporate network offers access to valuable and sensitive information. This information must never fall into wrong hands. Are you assured there are no “surprises” threatening your data assets, no back doors, no data leaks, no other security vulnerabilities?

Discovering the hidden threats will enable you to immediately address these risks and enhance security.

The Vulnerability Audit identifies security risks on your enterprise network. At the end of the audit, Prodata Systems provides a comprehensive threat analysis report. Our Security Consultants will provide a report which includes all the security incidents detected during the audit and will recommend how to protect against these threats.

Prodata Systems conducts on-site Vulnerability Audits that includes 4 main phases:

  1. Setup of an appliance and configuration of the required components
  2. Inspection of the traffic for at least one week
  3. Analysis of the results and generation of a report
  4. Presentation of the finding and solutions to improve the protection against  the discovered threats

Are you really sure your network is completely protected and up to date? Contact Prodata Systems for a check up to find out.

Vulnerability Audit

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