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Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection: Managing patterns in distributed enterprise environments is a key challenge for security administrators

In a constantly evolving threat landscape filled with ever more sophisticated attacks, attackers are targeting the sensitive data on your users’ endpoints. Enterprises need an approach to endpoint security that gives smarter protection from advanced threats and targeted attacks.
Because socially-engineered malware tries to trick users into downloading and executing malicious code through tactics that include everything from fake antivirus to fake utilities to fake upgrades of the operating system and trojanized applications.

Malware defence software is still often considered a ‘checkbox’ item for enterprise deployments, especially on Microsoft Windows, but over the decades, antivirus software changed to do far more than just signature-based virus blocking.

Increasingly mobile endpoints, complex network infrastructures, and the increasing frequency of pattern updates all work to further challenge security—actually countering the effectiveness of an otherwise strong defense.

An enterprise security endpoint deployment:

  • goes where your users go
  • is interconnected and shares security intelligence across security layers and all threat vectors
  • is a streamlined network-wide implementation with the ability to identify and manage endpoint security on every computer regardless of location or connectivity
  • seamlessly moves from on-premises to cloud without impacting licensing or commercial agreements.
Endpoint Protection

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