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NRB and Prodata Systems team up


Herstal/Zaventem, September 16, 2020

Belgian ICT service provider NRB and its partner Prodata Systems join forces. This collaboration enables Prodata Systems to offer a stronger portfolio to a larger group of customers, while the NRB group can call on Prodata Systems’ specific expertise in network solutions, cybersecurity and data centre management.

Prodata Systems is located in Zaventem. Its turnover increased by 25% last year to €26 million. Prodata Systems specialises in the design, implementation and maintenance of network solutions, on-site data centre management and cybersecurity. It is active in the private and public sectors. Among its clients are the Federal Police, the Ministry of Defense, the Belgian Railways NMBS-SNCB, Brussels Airport, CHIREC Hospitals, AG Insurance and P&V.

"We are also market leader in the digitisation of hospital operating theatres", explains Bart Carbonez, CEO of Prodata Systems. Our customers in this sector include AZ Herentals, Algemeen stedelijk ziekenhuis in Aalst, ZNA hospitals in Antwerp, CHU Dinant - Godinne and CHwapi hospital in Tournai.


"Teaming up with Prodata Systems is perfectly in line with our industrial project," says Pascal Laffineur, Chief Executive Officer of the NRB Group. "Our objective is to expand our range of services and our customer base as well as our geographical coverage. The combination of NRB and Prodata Systems creates opportunities for both companies and for our respective customers. There is a strong market demand for cybersecurity, network technology and data centre management skills such as those of Prodata Systems. In addition, Prodata Systems and Xperthis complement each other well. Xperthis is our subsidiary offering ICT solutions to the healthcare sector and Prodata is an expert in the field of digital operating theatres".

"We complement Prodata Systems’ range of services with our modern infrastructures, such as our data centres, and our expertise in areas such as hybrid cloud services, mainframe services and custom software development," says Pascal Laffineur. "Thanks to Prodata Systems, the group can continue to develop throughout Belgium and, in a next step, in our neighbouring countries as well.”

Bart Carbonez, who remains the CEO of Prodata Systems, confirms this complementarity with NRB. "From now on, our customers will be able to call on a wider range of services and expertise. We are pleased to contribute to the NRB group's ambition to become the most important partner for the digital transformation of businesses and the public sector in Belgium and beyond".

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